Knichael Might Synth Musician / Movie Geek / Defender of the Universe

About Knichael Might

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Chris Severn – A.K.A. Knichael Might has been working in the music industry in some capacity for most of his life.

From playing in bands, touring, or working for music publishers, TV shows and printers. He’s been part of the music scene for over 2 decades.

Growing up in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania made for a prime location for hitting the music scenes in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and the Jersey Shore.

He been preforming since he was a wee boy. Literally his first on stage appearance in his dad’s traveling magic act was when he was 3 years old.  Now He primarily plays Keyboards and Bass and Records and Performs VGM/Retro Wave as Knichael Might.

Retro New Wave / Synthpop / SynthWave / Chiptunes have always been something he has wanted to dedicate time to. Being a working musician for over 20 years he’s never had the opportunity to really explore these areas the way he has wanted to.

“I am happy to be investing time into this genre and loving every minute of it. I hope you enjoy what comes of this journey. Thanks for checking out my work.”