Where Have You Been?

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Man it has been a crazy start to 2019. I had some great things happen and some not so great things. Namely, we had to cancel my first live show of 2019 because of weather. The worse part… the snow never actually came. ARRGGGH.

But we been super busy here regardless. I’ve been working on some new videos for songs, as well as some new songs themselves. I also got some sweet new gear for the studio.  An Arp 2600 and a Jupiter 6 just to name two.

I wanted to share some of the work I’ve been doing on the video front. Mostly I’ve been learning Cinema 4D and trying to get things moving on that front. Element 3D is amazing, but is starting to fall short with the types of things I want to do. You can check out some of the work I’ve been doing on my vimeo channel. I’ll post a cool Airwolf Render here for you all to check out.

Jan 15 – 19 – One A Day from Chris Severn on Vimeo.

Talk soon!!