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Beyond Synth Podcast with Andy Last

Back in the day I remember eagerly waiting up to hear the local bands playing on the college radio stations. We were lucky enough to have a pretty decent and thriving local music scene supported by two college radio stations. I got to hear my friends, and my relatives on the RADIO.. how cool was that.

Later, when I was playing and cutting albums with various bands, we were on the same stations… and some others, if I’m so bold to boast. I have always felt like having your music on those stations was a milestone that needed to be overtaken on your way to Fortune and Glory as Rock and Roll Mega God.

While I have never been on the track to Fortune and Glory for even a nanosecond, I still consider some milestones not to be taken lightly. Enter Beyond Synth. The totally awesome Podcast by Andy Last. Hearing my music played on Andy Last’s Beyond Synth show this week immediately took me back to those late Sunday nights with a radio in my room with the volume dial set to 1 so my parents wouldn’t hear as I listened minute after minute for our music to be played. And when it was, for a brief 3 minutes and 20 seconds we were all Rock and Roll Mega God’s as our best teenage mimics of Vince Neil and James Hetfield, back by more teenagers doing everything in their power to mimic their favorite rock stars rang out over the airwaves for, in our minds, THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!

Thanks to Andy for taking me back to that feeling for a short 3:20 again. Beyond synth is a great show and for me it gives this little genre we have a concrete place to say if Andy is willing to play my stuff, maybe I’m doing something right.

You can check out Beyond Synth on Thursday’s at 5:00pm on “Power 85” at Mixlr Radio, you can also listen to back issues on SoundCloud here. Don’t forget to Follow Andy on Twitter, and if you really like what he is doing support him on Patreon as well.



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