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Winter .. the killer of dreams

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Winter is my least favorite …. well …. anything really. I really dislike winter. I hate the cold, the ice, the snow. Well, I like the idea of snow. I really don’t like driving in it or being out in it. But I like knowing that if I ever did, I could go somewhere and see snow.

So .. Winter and I have had our differences. This year winter has rocked not just my world, but also those helping me.

My good friend, who is working on the artwork for the new album fell on the ice and broke his wrist. He had his phone in his hand and landed on that too. Embedding glass in it as well. At any rate, this didn’t just push back my album artwork but everything he’s been working on.

So the album is done and he is healing quickly. The artwork will be done soon. It will be worth the wait .. I promise. We have some really awesome stuff in store for the physical release.

In the meantime you can check out this full track off the new album “Forget about your time” in video format. This video will go live on the newly started LUSH-FM’s YouTube channel in a few weeks, so for now it is an Knichael Might exclusive!

As always .. thanks for your support and taking the time to check me out!

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