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Short Film

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I had the opportunity to score a short film for some friends of mine. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to doing more.

The score itself wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve done musically by far. It did however force me into to areas that I wasn’t super comfortable with. Mostly technical. How much reverb is to much? Can you actually reverse gate a violin and have it sound good? What audio areas are open enough to play the piano with a super amount a reverb and not have it get hidden by the violins? And finally, when it comes to stewed prunes… are 3 enough, and are 4 to many?

Seriously though, one of the things I always make sure I credit people for it seeing something through to the end. Regardless of how rough it might be. This is by no means rough, it is very well done and I give props to everyone involved for having an idea and then working together to see it through. That to me is always worth celebrating.

One of the last things I’ll share here is the final song over the credits. I titled it “Death to Jingle Bells”


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